Clinical Approach

What to expect from your consultation

I regard people as inherently healthy and whole, in contrast to the conventional and widespread belief that people with psychiatric symptoms must be in long-term treatment.  Chronic maladaptive thoughts and behaviors can cause chemical changes in the body, leading eventually to psychiatric illness.  Psychological health can truly be achieved by learning new techniques of managing stress and overcoming fear-based habits.  If I prescribe medications, they are used as temporary tools for softening intense symptoms so that the deeper healing can occur.  Low doses and brief medication treatments are often used.  Alternative treatments such as vitamins and supplements are encouraged when appropriate.

I am medically trained and board-certified to diagnose and treat illnesses, and rule out medical causes of psychiatric symptoms.  I integrate psychiatry with psychotherapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation instruction, and stress reduction techniques.  When indicated, I recommend blood work, sleep studies, acupuncture, biofeedback, and bodywork.

I have discovered through continuing medical education the important role of the gut and the adrenals in psychological health. Though often overlooked in the conventional psychiatric evaluation, I will assess these areas during your initial visit. Changes in what you eat are often essential to success in treatment with us.

I work with the body, mind, and spirit. After evaluating medical causes of your condition, we will identify stressors and cultivate effective ways of handling stress.  This body-centered approach to psychological health helps you to optimize your long-term health by optimizing all aspects of your lifestyle.

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